Saturday, March 22, 2014

coinface 2014: adding machine: project end

more of the stupid.  too lazy to make this blog worth while.  but here is some free noise from coinface.  enjoy my load.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

downer cow: closing statements... and a new split side album thingy

alright, so i needed to get that out of my system.  i guess i put a lot of work into the downer cow project to not have it noticed by the right people.  spread the love.  i don't understand record companies... i offered to give them the complete rights to my music in exchange for a couple copies of the work on vinyl.  noise is free.  what is with them?  anyhow... no more downer cow.  this blog will now be just updates about being vegan and both the coinface and aerosol projects.  i guess what i'm trying to say is that it may not be updated often... i still have some influence stuff i want to get out i guess and some vegan/ diet stuff to talk about.  ta-ta

um, funny thing happend... in the midst of all this 'advertising' of my project that i've been doing, i actually found work.  so i'm working on a split album with The O'Brien Project (think i spelled that right)  and i will post the results once completed on this blog.  i found some inspiration on a few new websites so i've been shreding up the headphones the last few nights.  anyway, there will be new stuff by downer cow.  maybe i'm out of retirement?  ha!  who knows, this shits dumb but fun as all hell.  i know i won't be able to dedicate that much time to it.  alas,  what am i to do?

so here is what i came up with for my side of a split album.  it's about 25 minutes of noise.  yay.  i didn't post the other side out of respect to the other contributing artist... here you go!

downer cow split w/ The O'Brien Project:

here is the whole album:

downer cow: 'posthumous releases'

ok so, i had to go out with a bang right?  once i became a rockstar, and lived a short life, i would have these released after my death so that my kids could afford their drug habbits.  it would be a 5 album compilation set.  these are all full-length albums, and it is all the left over crap i came up with.  the stuff i didn't find particularly special, just completed anyway.  they didn't even have names... well, actually they did, but i was to lazy to maintain the integrity of them... the set is called 'unforgotten fecals disc 1-5' namely for the most embarrassing things that have happend to me in my adult life.  i'm talking of course, of drinking alcohol to the point of incontenence.  and such that i have not forgotten those events, i have not forgotten about all the crappy sounds i've made and had the nerve to record and later the nerve to share.  the photo/ album art is the view outside of my hotel room in seoul when i returned there sick in the head.  here you go.

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 1

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 2

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 3

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 4

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 5

alrighty then.  that's it.  that's all of it, besides a live set that never happend and two YouTube videos at 'club apartment' of fake shows. but that's it!  enjoy!

downer cow: 'official' releases

these are the works that i considered my 'official' releases.  these were sent to record companies and all those other pricks for consideration.  i looked into printing my own vinyl, i wanted to get these on vinyl to really feel closure to the project but it ain't cheap.  once again going against the downer cow philosophy of budget noise.  so i've fished around on the net trying to get a spot on some of the other more popular music blogs and had limited success but ... eh... start my own blog why the hell not so here are my official releases i guess...

this is agoraphobia/ today is never ending.  this is a 'concept' album, which is really only evident by the names of the tracks.  it's supposed to encapsulate the feeling of being an addict in recovery during the winter time.  the album is cyclic, it sort of concludes to a moment of silence and then loops back to the begining 'terror' track of relapse.  eh.  don't know, once again, if i accomplished that or not but here you go...
downer cow: agoraphobia/ today is never ending

fancy city is a picture of a music box that i bought in hawaii.  one of my first tracks of the downer cow project was a live recording of me breaking it apart with poetry set to it.  a critic once said that it sounded like i was cleaning a gun?  i don't know... nothing that serious i guess.  but the track was called 'the ring' and it was about my first fiance leaving me, so it had depressing tones to it sure.  fancy city is the name of the city she invented, and i barrowed the name for the city where aerosol takes place.  keep in mind that these noise/drone tracks are supposed to be a sound track to my comic.  this was my second 'release' and i was starting to run out of genuine ideas it seemed after this.
so in my own personal opinion, these two releases are the most original of the lot.
downer cow: fancy city

this is the flyer that was never handed out for my noise protest of big industry in my hometown.  it was a 'fake' concert that, although advertised as 'fake', many people apologized for not being there... even though there was never an actual 'time' to be there.  this was all set to actually happen, but i chickened out thinking that i may need to get a noise permit.  in exploring the noise permit process, i never actually handed in the form and thought that the silence of that day (20FEB2009) was enough of a 'noise' protest.  or you could call me lazy, go ahead.
this is the official artwork for the mini-album that was meant to be played live... some graffitti i tagged on a local autobody shop wall... i remember being really drunk when i did this tag and getting paint all over my hands, shirt and headphones.  i was really paranoid of getting busted at that point, so i ran half way accross town to throw my entire backpack, with the stencil and paint into a dumpster and took a different route home.
downer cow: for dead factory yes

this is actually a photoshopped close up of my forehead.  nice right?  this was a compilation of lesser works, kind of thrown together for a 'release' many of the tracks are named after the yank pinup girls posted earlier
downer cow: the tofu works

and that's that... all of the 'official releases'.  these were the tracks i worked and reworked for weeks and really learned a lot about the editing process on.  i'm curious to see where i would get with some real equipment, but then again if most people could afford real equipment they could probably make something happen so... any way cheers to musicians!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

downer cow: various 'non-releases'

here are a number of non-releases (demos, mini-albums and such) they are all very short works.  i'll try to mention a little tid-bit about all of these monstrosities to mankind for murdering animals....


hmmmm.  a moment was a take on ambient stuff if i remember correctly.
downer cow: a moment

ambient party was also a take on ambientness.  the photo is of some graffiti that i found in a school bus in yongsan, south korea on a military post.  i thought it interesting because egg tower is right next to where my fiance lived at the time
downer cow: ambient party

cctv was a paranoid album.  i was lost in south korea on a trip i took there backpacking through seoul.  i made a call to my ex-fiance at the time from a 'juicy bar' and figured that i was being tracked by cctv which is an orginazation that catches criminals.  one of their cars pulled up to me and seemed to take my picture while i was standing outside of her apartment complex leading me to believe i was being followed for making a call on a tapped line.  this was some sort of retaliation on my part.  i think it's drone more if i remember right.  the album cover is of me on my first departure to south korea in, of course, my lucky t-shirt.  i was, of course, listening to xiu xiu
downer cow: cctv

flesh flesh... don't remember.  but the title is a tribute to xiu xiu and the album cover is a photo i sent to my friend in japan that couldn't remember what i looked like.  she probably slept with half of waikiki so she couldn't remember me very well.
downer cow: flesh flesh

drrrrrrrr.  i don't know anything about this specifically other than the track names are in salute to xiu xiu.
downer cow: hello

new ark was a mini-album that i tore apart to put in some kind of compilation... this is the track that is not on the compilation
downer cow: new ark

hmmmm.  don't know anything about this... this project has not been fresh in my mind for a while!
downer cow: nexus are you listening

got nothing...
downer cow: (none)

this one i think was named because i usually was in my pajamas while composing this stuff.  as mentioned before, my medication made me really tired and many times i would stay in bed most of the day.  to keep my mind active i'd work on downer cow with my laptop
downer cow: pajama bottom

public meat urinal was the name of a 'pissing bukkake' i stumbled across online.  i didn't actually watch it because i have no intrest in seeing a chick get pissed on (however i do like bukkake porn).  i chose this picture for the album cover because it was the year that i was raped by one of my friends (if you don't know how a man gets raped... it's by another man).  i felt used, like a fleshy hole getting pissed in by countless different people i guess.  thus the name
downer cow: public meat urinal

riot sam is just another demo i made for promotion purposes... like anyone digs this crap!
downer cow: riot sam

save the manatee is from my project in grade school making posters that said save the manatee for my friends that were into the same cause.  one of which was the first girl i ever fell in love with... if you could call it that
downer cow: save the manatee

this was a demo i made for a cd business card that i never bought ... i wanted to hand them out for various promotional purposes but they turned out being very expensive for what they were, and totally went against the downer cow philosophy of budget noise, so here it sits
downer cow: scriptingg objject model

the lymphatic system is drone i believe.  the picture is a collaborated graffitti effort on my part and that crazy girl i thought to be a man during sex's.  she did the lips, i did the ape.  i had too much fun terrorizing the small town i live in with graffitti.
downer cow: the lymphatic system

and there you have it... all of my 'hard to come by' crap.  i call it hard to come by, because i had to do a lot of sorting and art and blah blah blah to post it here.  enjoy.


downer cow: 1900

this mini-album was inspired by the film 'eraserhead' by david lynch.  i was working for the government at a veterans hospital, nights of course, and i did not get along with anyone i worked with and they were all si gnificantly older than i.  i used to spend my free time reorganizing the over stock room and filling it with loose medical suplies.  i was a nurses assistant and worked paliative care.  any way i remember looking out the window a lot and seeing the snow fall around the tops of the neon lights that were lighting the parking lot and hearing the buzzing of the various equipment and thinking that it reminded me of the soundtrack to eraserhead.  and i guess i wanted to make an album that reminded me of that sort of drone and this is what i came up with.  i'm not sure if i really succeeded but here it is.

downer cow: 1900


this is the first entry of coinface.  it was recorded this year on microcassette.  it's a noise/ drone analogue project that is mainly just field recordings... this one in particular is called nothing, a bunch of random words and conversation... nothing.  i'll be posting more by coinface as it is being made, maybe blog a little about the process.

coinface: nothing