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downer cow anhedonia ep 2014


Saturday, March 22, 2014

coinface 2014: adding machine: project end

more of the stupid.  too lazy to make this blog worth while.  but here is some free noise from coinface.  enjoy my load.

or click here for rock and roll jesushttp://www.mediafire.com/download/d8hsaeafzh325b1/adding_machine.zip

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

downer cow: closing statements... and a new split side album thingy

alright, so i needed to get that out of my system.  i guess i put a lot of work into the downer cow project to not have it noticed by the right people.  spread the love.  i don't understand record companies... i offered to give them the complete rights to my music in exchange for a couple copies of the work on vinyl.  noise is free.  what is with them?  anyhow... no more downer cow.  this blog will now be just updates about being vegan and both the coinface and aerosol projects.  i guess what i'm trying to say is that it may not be updated often... i still have some influence stuff i want to get out i guess and some vegan/ diet stuff to talk about.  ta-ta

um, funny thing happend... in the midst of all this 'advertising' of my project that i've been doing, i actually found work.  so i'm working on a split album with The O'Brien Project (think i spelled that right)  and i will post the results once completed on this blog.  i found some inspiration on a few new websites so i've been shreding up the headphones the last few nights.  anyway, there will be new stuff by downer cow.  maybe i'm out of retirement?  ha!  who knows, this shits dumb but fun as all hell.  i know i won't be able to dedicate that much time to it.  alas,  what am i to do?

so here is what i came up with for my side of a split album.  it's about 25 minutes of noise.  yay.  i didn't post the other side out of respect to the other contributing artist... here you go!

downer cow split w/ The O'Brien Project:


here is the whole album:


downer cow: 'posthumous releases'

ok so, i had to go out with a bang right?  once i became a rockstar, and lived a short life, i would have these released after my death so that my kids could afford their drug habbits.  it would be a 5 album compilation set.  these are all full-length albums, and it is all the left over crap i came up with.  the stuff i didn't find particularly special, just completed anyway.  they didn't even have names... well, actually they did, but i was to lazy to maintain the integrity of them... the set is called 'unforgotten fecals disc 1-5' namely for the most embarrassing things that have happend to me in my adult life.  i'm talking of course, of drinking alcohol to the point of incontenence.  and such that i have not forgotten those events, i have not forgotten about all the crappy sounds i've made and had the nerve to record and later the nerve to share.  the photo/ album art is the view outside of my hotel room in seoul when i returned there sick in the head.  here you go.

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 1

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 2

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 3

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 4

downer cow: unforgotten fecals disc 5

alrighty then.  that's it.  that's all of it, besides a live set that never happend and two YouTube videos at 'club apartment' of fake shows. but that's it!  enjoy!